A fundamental part of being human is being connected to nature.


“PURELY WILD is the realisation of a dream that started when I was twelve, during my first true wilderness encounter. This created the connection to something of enormous beauty, and forged a deep feeling of belonging and a powerful re-orientation of myself. As a teen, driven by the need to comprehend what I had experienced, I spent much of my spare time on solo journeys into mountains, deserts and the unknown parts of my own psyche. I continued my studies, sought out mentors and mounted far-flung wilderness journeys across the globe. As an adult I successfully built a business but found the call of the wild too strong to resist. Thus, with time spent contemplating the integration of wilderness philosophy, spiritual disciplines and business practice I turned to leading trails in our ancestral home, Africa. Hence, PURELY WILD was born and continues to pursue and explore an understanding of pure wilderness, a deep nature connection and its significance on a global scale.” – Peter Raimondo